"Yo.Duh.Be.Yo.10." Yes! He can marry to his teacher if she's younger than him and within his birth cycle ages, and teach him free of charge (so that it won't fall boss and slave invisibly darkness), and not stand or seat above him, like Chinese said "Ping.7.Ping.Jwall"(so that it won't fall into abusing authority power crimes). Woman is second to man physically, therefore, woman can only help man to do better in the formless field, this may explain h 房地產ow come woman can have the right to use her hand(s) to hit her kids(to teach her kids if they cannot be reasonable, then, they must face "弱.Ro[se].強.10" cry.), to hit her spouse (to show to him that his crime too heavy to care her life, therefore, she must take the misson impossible to see "弱.Ro[se].強.10" like nothing, like Chinese said "知.7.Boot.Curr.Are.Way.之") with nothing to d 賣房子o with violence crime, man must have the strength to take woman's hands force or just run away, he must not allowed to use his hands or feet or get any tool to fight her back, if he does, he should be jailed or killed for he committed adding more crimes on his original one."5.Won.Fool.Chi(nese)" if indeed committed suicide(must because at that time "Fool.Chi[nese] could see only dark side that he already li 房屋貸款ke "Song.Ja[cket].Chwon" how could he be able to take care his woman and baby? He did not see the bright side that God takes care all real life, "C.10.Fake.Sun.Lay", therefore, she could only see her happy animal style birth day, did not have the heart to realize foolish man's stupid bad ugly evil fear, therefore, she did free minded tale that what she tempted "Fool.Chi[nese] "heart, and darkened his sight. "Fool.Chi[nese]"{how 小額信貸ever, I think that man died under "Food.Chi[nese]" name likely real "Fun.Lee" instead of real "Fool.Chi[nese]. Because both of them love "C.10" really, therefore, they decide to exchange place to get the real eyes. "C.10.Fake.Sun.Lay" therefore, she must have no problem to live within anyone can have the good will mankind to love and feed her like mankind man does to their real pets. Therefore, "Fool.Chi[nese]" the winner must giving up his only love wo 花蓮民宿man @@because both of them agreed that the woman they really loved only good remaining - "free mind" would certainly gone with wind if let her staying with anyone who getting public power on his hands. This may explain how come "Fool.Chi[nese]" chose jailed himself with "C.10" inside that big vacation house isolately and left all public power to "5.Zi.Xu" to care in order to guard his woman "C.10" precious free mind. No woman can retain her good status once she tasted the r 信用卡代償eal "圈力的支畏"##This is why even "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must not hire or tool any female to be his/her hands or feet. If he could not hire any male to deal with his female fans, he must give up his public show instead of hire any female to use his name to taste the "圈力的支畏"##. This is why you as woman must have the good will and strength to stay on your own private site, not grouped with any other than your same roofed lives. @@ back to the good loser "Fun.Lee.", however, "Fun.Lee" 關鍵字排名could not have "Fool.Chi[nese]" big heart to love other's blood, he could not have the tough love or skill to kill inside "C.10" stomach blood, therefore, he chose giving up his own life. Use your common sense and brain cells, how could real "Fun.Lee" allowing "Fool.Chi[nese]" brought "C.10" to leave without helping them to get a safe place to survive? How could "Fun.Lee" have the heart to do business "Sway.Bwall.Drew.6" while he just won the enemy battle ground "Bi.Fake.Die.Ju."? } before dying out did stand up 酒店打工must because he finially saw the light like I just telling you, therefore, he got the desire to want to live, but too late too little to fulfill. ), must because that woman("Sheng.Sir.Chwon.Mar" "Gong.Mean.Lead.Look." cannot bring decency to woman, woman's decency must build on her good will and unselfish righteous eyes; "Goods.C.Young.Jane." your country prison flooded by them, street gangsters uncountlessly.) "C.10" too stupid bad ugly evil to know how to teach him the good lesson. In this world, we do every thing or anything h 室內裝潢appening to us, always like Chinese said "Yo.Duh.be.Yo.10", your get "Sheng.Sir.Chwon.Ma" ("嘩眾曲寵" "Gong.Mean.Book.Song." posted to you "10.Fool.Boot.10.Be."-[being-human being]) high, you must pay your debt to fall; therefore, "5.Won.Fool.Chi(nese)." should have had strength and good will to take that fall so that he could have had finished his debt in that current lifetime instead of paying his next life to die. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .

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